Second Grade Nest: Long Vowel Product Makeover

Monday, February 17, 2014

Long Vowel Product Makeover

Another product makeover! 
Last week, I blogged about how I fixed up my CVC Centers.
I feel much more comfortable when I sell one of those. 

Next on my list was my Long Vowel sets. 
I cringe when people buy them. They were some of my very first products on TPT and they are just embarrassing. 

The font was bad.
The borders were bad. 
The headers were bad. 
Just was not a good situation!! 

So glad I can rest easier now when I sell a product. I feel a bit more comfortable knowing it is a little more quality! How my style has changed over the last year and a half!! 

Here are the pages that make up the products. 

New font, new headers.
Just an overall, better look! 

New borders, new font, changed header! 

Changed the 'I Have, Who Has' to look a little neater.
Also, on the 'Draw a Card' game, font and layout cleaner.

It may not look that completely different, but trust me... it just was not a desirable product! 
Now, I hope, the product is a little more quality for any buyers! 

And here they are!! 


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