Second Grade Nest: Winter Reading Comprehension

Monday, January 27, 2014

Winter Reading Comprehension

Last year, in second grade, comprehension was at the top of my agenda. 
First grade, however, we are focusing on fluency and expression, with a light introduction to comprehension passages! 

My Winter Reading Comprehension pack won't be used in my room this year, but I've shared it in my school and just wanted to do a little post on it this year! 

Here are my seconds working together in groups from last year on their Winter Comprehension! 


  1. Have you made a pack for your first graders focusing on fluency and expression? Maria

    1. Hey Maria,
      Those plans are on the to-do list for the summer!! But I have my Reader's Theater pieces that work on expression and fluency! :-) I will have a more advanced fluency pack in the summer, I hope!