Second Grade Nest: Winter Reader's Theater

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Winter Reader's Theater

I was so excited to finish up my Reader's Theater that I decided to make a few more sets. I just finished my Winter version. Spring, summer, and fall are in the works!

Each story has the number of stories for the characters included.
Each story includes scripts for each character in the story. The scripts are highlighted for each character.

Each story also comes with headband pictures!
You could also make necklaces out of these, too!

There are 10 stories:
*Learning to Ski
•My Snow Day
•How to Build a Snowman
•Penguin Friends
•The Sledding Race
•Ice Skating Lessons
•New Year’s Eve
•Martin Luther King Jr.
•Groundhog Day
•Super Bowl Sunday

Here is an example story! 
Each character has its own highlight pack! 

I laminated each story so that I can reuse each story over and over! 
I'm buried in laminated edges!

Then, I stapled each script together. 

If you are a teacher on a budget like I am, print these in black and white, then highlight the scripts with a highlighter! 

Here are the stapled and laminated sets that will be given to my kiddos. 

Now, I have some headbands to make! 

Here is the link! 

And guess what I'm doing today!! 
Working on my next Reader's Theater set, drinking coffee, watching Hart of Dixie and the snow fall! 

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  1. I love Heart of Dixie! These look like a lot of fun. I always want to do reader's theaters but as a special education teacher with very few readers it can be difficult. You have inspired me to try and make my own to fit my students levels.