Second Grade Nest: Reogranizing My Small Group Nook

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Reogranizing My Small Group Nook

That is what my small group area looked like. Right before my C-shape table. It was annoyingly unorganized and made me feel extremely stressed out just by looking at it. 

Here is another before picture of six of my unused cubbies right next to my small group area. I got so busy towards the end of the end that it became where I shoved everything! It was awful! 

So, I decided I couldn't start my new Daily 5 routine and this second semester feeling unorganized and messy. Time to organize!
I bought two 3-drawer organizers for $10 each at Walmart. I'm going to spray paint them this summer so that they match! Chevron paper to decorate!! 

I decided to give each of my small groups their own drawers for the different activities. 

This shows the inside of the drawers. Just set the strip down in the drawer and tape the sides to keep it in place. 

And these stack on top of each other so nicely! 
I stuck them into one of my cubbies next to my small group area! 

I also decided to move my bookshelf off the back wall and put it sideways against the computer table so that only I could really see it. Although I have it 'organized', it still looks messy for now, so I don't want it to be the focal point! And I like the way I don't have to turn my back to the kiddos to get stuff I need! 

Top shelf: 
-Oriental Trading squeeze toys. I let my kiddos play with this while we read. Some of my little ones really need the distraction to keep on task. 
-Colored pencils and highlighters
-Index cards for sight words
-Silly Sentence cards from an older phonics set that I have leftover from the last teach in my classroom

2nd Shelf:
-Word highlighters
-Witch fingers for tracking
-Spacemen bucket for putting space in between words in sentences
-White board markers and socks for erasing
-Whisper phones

I also have 6 extra cubbies not being used right now! I moved my kids' cubbies down a few spots so I could reserve these extra 6 cubbies right next to my area. 

So here is my nook from far away.
I love it!
So cozy- I spent lots of time there!


  1. The small group area is one of the hardest places in the room to get and keep organized, in my opinion! You area looks awesome, I love the transformation!

    Down Under Teacher

  2. Love all of your changes and organization! Makes my OCD heart flutter! :)


  3. It looks GREAT!! I love your border around your bulletin board! :)