Second Grade Nest: An Adult Should Not Be This Excited.....

Thursday, January 30, 2014

An Adult Should Not Be This Excited.....

For books!!!

Please reassure me that I am not alone. 
When I pass out my monthly book orders for Scholastic, I am just filled with eager expectation that I'll have at least 2 parents buy! 

For the month of January, I had five parents buy pretty big orders.
On top of that, I also purchased a fairly large order.
When you put our two totals together, my Bonus Points were OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!

If you do not utilize Scholastic Book Clubs, I highly suggest doing so. 
Even if your parents don't order anything, ordering for your own classroom always saves a bundle. 

So, last month, I put in a fairly large order. My parent sales were high and my order was about $75. I also used about 2,000 of my saved up bonus points because my kiddos were just needing some new books. After all was said and done, since I ordered by January 31st and my order was over X amount of dollars, I got $30 to spend for my classroom right then and there!! 

And the best part???
After spending 2,000 Bonus Points on this order, I gained 4,500 from the order!!
I could not believe it. 

Anyways.... check out my new pile of books and all the I've been doing. 
Sorry for the rambling, I was just so excited about all these new books! 

Here is my stack of books before I started them. What is awesome is that there are TONS not pictured!! Too many for this picture! 

Let me share some books that I highly recommend! 

Pete the Cat Valentine's Day is Cool
(Only trouble is that it isn't AR yet!!)

Snowmen All Year 
Snowmen All Night 

Old Lady pack

4 Fractured Fairy Tales!!
I posted about the first four of these last year. My kids LOVE them. I had to get the brand new ones.

Junie B. First Grader! Duh... 

Oh my!!! Fly Guy! 
Look how many... My kids are definitely pleased with all of these.

A Pigeon set that also makes my kids happy.

Elephant and Piggie.
I bought two sets because my kids are SO nuts over these! 
And they are 05-1.5 reading levels in A.R., so it really helps my early readers.  

Here I go... Starting to put into piles to start pulling to research.
Use to get the AR number and the reading level of the book. 

This is an image of what you'll get on the webiste.

I also use these stickers on the front of my books for the book bins. 
These are my book bins if you have not seen my post on those yet!! 

I write the AR number on the inside of the book.

I then made a huge stack on the top of my book bin shelves and told the kids if you finish morning work first tomorrow, you can be the helpers to sort these into their bins. 
Maybe that'll actually get them working with a sense of urgency.

So, if you haven't sent home any Book Orders this month, I suggest doing so for Feburary!! 


  1. I LOVE Scholastic!! I'm sure I am at least as excited about the new flyers as an adult as I was as a child! ;) Hehe! Love it when the parents buy big!

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

  2. You are not alone. I get excited over new books and more. I get happy laminating things for my classroom :)

  3. I get just as excited!! The delivery kiddos that bring the box to my room always give me strange looks. :)

  4. Yes! I LOVE Scholastic! I also LOVE going to garage sales in search of books! A big/awesome library is essential in my classroom! =)

    Ms. Smith
    Adventures of Ms. Smith

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  6. I understand your excitement. It is a sickness really. I could sit in a big pile of new scholastic books (favorite time of the year-scholastic book fair) and bask in my unusual joy! I racked up some free books last year, but I haven't been as "on it" this year with my order forms. After reading this I have been re-inspired to get back at it!!

    Rockin' Shades and Postin' Grades

  7. I also love Scholastic! I had a good size order for January and got a TON of free books! Found you through a pin on Pinterest and love your book tubs!

    Learning is for Superstars
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