Second Grade Nest: 5 for Friday!

Friday, January 31, 2014

5 for Friday!

I seriously have NOT linked up with Doodle Bugs in a while for 5 for Friday.
On my new goal of blogging more, I need to add it into my weekly routine! It is great to remind myself of 5 great things from this week. 

A Gift...
I should've blogged about this amazing gift from my room mom a while ago, but it slipped my mind.
Look at how darling! 

These are soup cans! She covered them with construction paper, adding bows and flowers to them, and filled them with goodies like gift cards, Scentos, Tichonderoga pencils, relaxing bubble bath, and lotions! She is awesome. 
Super cute gift idea for a teacher! 

Replace Book Bins....
Friday is New Book Day in my classroom. Students return the five books they had in their book bins today and get 5 new ones for the week. 

I always get 50 from the public library to add to my collection.....

And if you missed my blog yesterday about books.....
All these are brand new!! 

Donors Choose...
If you donate, email me you total $$ amount that you want from my store and I will email it to you!! 
We are so close! 
We need $320 more!! 

Reader's Theater in Action...

Here are pictures of them practicing. 
Head bands are being made and they will start presenting next week!!

Snow day....

I went with two of my work friends to Starbucks on our snow day. I help them set up their own blogs and TPTs! 
They both have freebies and at least one great product on TPT. 

Check out their freebies. 
1st Grade Freebie...    4th Grade Freebie....

Come join in on the fun with many other fabulous bloggers!! 


  1. Love your Starbucks trip! I bet that was a ton of fun :) Looking forward to using your Reader's Theater packet with my kids soon. I have a feeling that will start being a Friday activity!

  2. Those are adorable cans to put your pencils and things in Jessica! Don't you just love going to Starbucks with friends of a common mind? Good to see you back blogging more! I always love reading your posts.
    :) Shelley
    The Perks of Teaching Primary

  3. Pure genius with the soup cans and just perfect on the budget! Love the idea-you can use them for so much! We {heart} your readers theater too!

    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade