Second Grade Nest: Making Ornaments

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Making Ornaments

Yesterday, I posted a post of the gifts I got my kids and their parents. 
I showed a picture of two ornaments we made and said I'd explain them today! 
Here is a closer look at our ornaments! 

Ornament #1
Oriental Trading foam ornament
I posted last month a little loving on this ornament that I got from Oriental Trading. 
Check it out here:

Then, check out my kids hard at work:

Sorry it is sideways! 

Ornament #2
Blank CD
Hot glue
Red Cardstock
Pipe Cleaner
Kid Picture 

Front of ornament- where the picture and glitter will go

Back of ornament- where the writing will go

I had my room mom come in and glue all the materials together.
Then, students write their names on the ornament and I write the year! 

I took a picture of the kids with a Santa hat on in front of our school Christmas tree. 
I hot glued the picture to the front of the CD.

I didn't get pictures, but I set up 6 kids at my back table at one time.
They painted on glue around their pictures.
Then, I sprinkled glitter around their pictures! 

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  1. These are adorable and I am sure your students' families loved them!! Merry Christmas and stop by anytime!