Second Grade Nest: Making Goals Resolutions for 2014

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Making Goals Resolutions for 2014

I can't believe it is time to set goals for 2014! 
There is nothing better than setting resolutions and goals to keep yourself on track. 
Last year, I kept pretty true to my resolutions and only got really lazy on them a few times. 

And I want you guys to join me!

Grab the graphics throughout this blog post.
Copy/paste the big 2014 Resolution page into a PowerPoint slide (blank copy at the bottom). Add your writing and save as a jpeg and bring back into your blog post.

Then, copy/paste the headers throughout the post and write underneath! 
You can do both options, or just one of them! 
Have fun with it! 
More directions on the bottom!!

To get your blank template, look at the bottom of this blog post with more directions! 

Now, here are the goals to write about! 

Professional goal for my career:
Continue creating innovative and creative lesson plans for my first grade students.
(Also, I'd like to read at least two different teaching resource books this year.)

Professional goal for my blog/TPT side job:
Blog at least two-three times per week and try to work at least two hours a week on a new product! 

These may contradict themselves, but this year, I'd like to travel more, but also save money for a new house! My goal is to be in a new home before 2015! That means I need to save massive money, but I still really want to travel while I can!!

Try to cook a brand new meal at least once a week. I'll be depending on Pinterest so much for this goal, but I'll have so much fun in the process. I just want to stop going out to eat so often! 

I'm definitely saving money for Vegas in Juy for the TPT conference, but I've already been there....
So my travel destination where I've never been is anywhere in the northeast. I've only driven through New York when getting to Canada- so I can't truly count that! 
In 2014, I hope to visit New England! 

My boyfriend's goal for me is to make me try 14 new foods in 2014. He says I'm too picky. So, I must agree with his idea of trying new food. I'm 26, why not?
14 new foods this year. Off the top of my head.... lamb and sushi will definitely be on that list. 

I would like to learn more about investing, small businesses, and finances.
My TPT store is giving me many opportunities and being an education major, I'm not very educated on finances! I definitely need to learn all about that this upcoming year. 

Negativity and drama.
No explanation necessary! I just want a peaceful year. 

Read, read, read. 
One of my 2013 goals was to read more, and I did! Mitchell got me a Kindle for Christmas, which really helped. In 2013, I read 15 books! YAY! I hope to read 20 in 2014 and I just got 2 gift cards for Amazon, so I'll have plenty of books for the Kindle. 

I would like to reach the second milestone on TPT! I hit the first milestone in August of 2013 and was featured in the newsletter under the milestone section. I'm going to keep trying to get Featured Teacher and hope to hit that second milestone before December 2014! Dreaming big here! I can't wait to try to grow my little business! 

Your turn! 
There are two parts to this linky party.
One involves copying/saving a blank template and writing in your responses using PowerPoint.
Here is the blank template to write in your resolutions.
Copy and paste this template into PowerPoint, size it up, add your textboxes next to each resolution. Save as a jpeg, Link it back into your blog post! 

The other part of this linky party involves copying/pasting the headers into your blog post and writing underneath just like I did!
Just scroll through my blog post and grab the ones you like!
Copy/paste directly into your blog post!

Please make sure to link the blog post back to my website.
Then link up your post below! 


  1. Great idea! I'm going to enter with my resolutions :) You have some really fun ones - so cool to be planning on traveling to new places and trying new foods! You could probably combine those two, even!


  2. Just what I needed...a place to write down my goals and share with the world! Hope it helps keep me accountable!

  3. Thanks for the fun linky Jessica! I just linked up. Although I didn't include them in my post - I am DEFINITELY planning on learning more about the financial part of small businesses and of course going to Vegas!!! Hope to meet you there :)

    First Grade Smiles

  4. Thanks...I love that you gave directions. I am such a newbie to so many of these things and have skipped a lot of linky parties because I wasn't sure how to do all the graphics. I am glad I could link up with you. Happy New Year! I know I didn't get it perfect...but that's ok.

  5. There was so much about your post that totally resonated with me! :) I LOVE lamb! :) I hope you will too! :) New England is BEAUTIFUL! Chris and I did a road trip up the coast three years ago...we LOVED Maine...can't wait to get back there!!
    Thanks for coming up with this! :)
    It was fun to do! :)

  6. What a great link Jessica! I am off to write my post right now. I love your goals. I live in New England on Cape Cod. It is a beautiful place to visit in the summer months! Let me know if you need any New England tips. Must go to get my resolutions sorted out.
    A Burst of First

  7. I'm a picky eater as well. I'm way too scared to try new foods. Thanks for a linky party.

  8. doing this was informative and fun, thanks for jump starting my year! and, i love that these are my school colors! :)

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