Second Grade Nest: Holiday Gifts for Students and Parents

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Holiday Gifts for Students and Parents

I am linking up with my blogging pal over at 3rd Grade Thoughts to share my student gifts AND the gifts they created to send home to their parents. 

Student Gifts...
I have been massively busy this year, so I will admit, my Christmas gifts for my kiddos weren't the most creative. I bought two sets of gifts. One set for my classroom and one set for my Academic Team. 

For my kiddos:
I always find Scholastic's $1 deal in November and December. Us teachers can't afford $5 books for 22 kids! At least I can't. Ha! So, I look for my deals! 
Last month- Scholastic had There Was A Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow for $1! 

This was fun....

I put all my kids in a circle to open their gifts at the same time. 

Then, I put our class copy under the document camera, while all the kids read their own copy of the book in their laps. They were so into it! I felt successful on that gift! (And as a teacher because they love reading!)

For my Academic Team:

I took a picture at our team's first match, printed it with a title of our team and year! 
Dollar Tree frames for $1! 

After wrapping ALL of my kids books, I started assembling my picture frames.
Cut, glue, stuff, write names. All at 12:00 the night before the last day of school. I was exhausted! 

But they turned out cute! 

Parent Gifts...

Here are two picture frames that I will blog about tomorrow! 
Please come back to check out pictures and instructions on these ornaments. 
The students created them, then put them in their parent gift bag. 

My kids decorated their parent gift bags. 

And now for the most adorable parent gift! 
One of my room moms asked if she could come in and lead a little activity.

She did this ALL on here own without my help.
Her kindness, patience, and creativity made for an amazing parent gift.
Thanks Kathy! 

We made Snowman Soup!! 

Check it out here! 
She set up an assembly line on my kidney shaped table!! 

*2 scoops of snow- silver/clear mini beads
*1 top hat- mini hats (top hat or straw hat options)
*1 holly leaf and 1 berry
*2 eyes (2 black beads)
*1 carrot (mini plastic carrot)
*1 scarf (mini ribbon)
*3 buttons (3 black beads)
*2 stick arms (mini sticks)
*2 mittens
*1 pinch of magic (glitter)
*1 little heart
*card/label to tie around the lid

She had different sayings for our labels, such as 'I love snow', 'These Kentucky winters are killing me', 'Snowman Soup', etc. 

Check out other gift ideas at 3rd Grade Thought's blog post! 

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  1. Love the snowman soup! Where on earth do you find tiny top hats though?!

    Teaching in the Tongass