Second Grade Nest: Finding Reading That Your Boys Will Love

Monday, December 9, 2013

Finding Reading That Your Boys Will Love

Children's book lately are so much fun! 
I love the Scholastic Book Clubs as much as the children! 

Here is the stack of my Fly Guy books.
I add to it each month! 

These books are fought over! The kids love these. They try to finish their work the quickest so they can get over to the bookshelf to read a Fly Guy book. 
Here are a few of the books!

(Photo from Brimful Curiosities)


I only have about four of these books so far. I add to them each month. 
I seriously need to get even more! 

When the boys aren't fighting over Fly Guy, they are fighting over Elephant and Piggie books. These teach dialogue and humor in books so well! 

(Photo from Gwin Oaks Media Center)


And you can't forget Pete the Cat. 
When it was just the first two books, the kids loved them, but now that there are many leveled readers and extra Pete books, the kids REALLY love them! 

One thing that we do with our stories when we independently read is our story element cards. These were HUGE with my second graders, but at this point in the year, only my higher students are doing it in first grade.
They are FREEBIES over at my store! 
Story Element Questions

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