Second Grade Nest: Comparing Fictional Stories

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Comparing Fictional Stories

Comparing Fictional Text
This standard was a lot of fun to teach. We covered two comparisons of book sets. 

Set 1
Little Red Hen Comparisons

Story 1: The Little Red Hen 
Story from Reading A-Z

Story 2: Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza

Story 3: The Little Green Witch

Story 4: The Little Red Elf
Picture included shows a beginning, middle, and end map we did after we read the story! 

We then filled out a comparison map I made where the students filled out information on both stories, then they circled what was similar. 

Set 2
Blind Men and the Elephant
This is a very old folk tale that we read.
We then watched Seven Blind Mice on video through YouTube, because I couldn't find one at my local library. 


We then compared the two stories with a Venn Diagram. 

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