Second Grade Nest: Christmas Centers for Firsties!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Centers for Firsties!

I could not love Christmas time more! 
I love Christmas centers during this time, too.
I always tie one of the centers into our Daily Rotations (mix of centers and Daily 5). Then, the very last week, we will have a few days of just Christmas centers!

First step- print in color, laminate, bag up, send home to amazing willing mamas who love helping their child's class! I love having moms to help me out this year. It makes my life 12x easier! 

Then the next day, they come back like this! 

Here are a few of the center packs I've been using! 

I'll start with a FREEBIE!!

Run, Gingerbread Man, Run! A FREE Sight Word Game
This freebie comes with many pages of sight words to play a 'buzz' game with. If they pull out the sight word and read it, they can keep it. If they pull a gingerbread man, they have to put all their cards back!! 

This pack is a K/1 pack!

 This pack is geared more towards 1/2, but there are definitely many kids in my first grade room who can certainly handle all of these centers!

I also bought this Home for the Holidays pack, which supports a family at my school whose mother just passed away. She was battling a hard battle with cancer. We were raising money to help give their family one last holiday together, but she passed away shortly after Thanksgiving. We took half of the money we had raised so far, gave them Christmas the day before she died, and now we're raising the rest of the month to give the children a second memorable Christmas from Santa. Very sad time for the family. 
From this pack, I pulled about 10 extra centers from ladies like Michelle Oakes, Deanna Jump, Amy Lemons and Cara Carroll! v
Check out the fundraiser! There is WAY more in there than just those centers packs! 
And I'll always have one or two printables a week during centers for the students to practice writing, ELA, or math.

Here is one centers in action.
I mixed a center of mine with a center from the Home for the Holidays pack.
Nonsense vs. Real words.
The kids love those!

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  1. This just breaks my heart. I'm glad to see that you and your community are pulling together to help this family out. I'm sharing this on my Facebook page and emailing the K-3 teachers at my school.

    A Teaspoon of Teaching