Second Grade Nest: Tons of Thanksgiving Fun

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tons of Thanksgiving Fun

First off, let me just start by saying my drive to school in the morning was fabulous. 
This was the type of snowfall that was okay to drive in because it was fresh snow and it was way to warm to stick to the roads. I wasn't too nervous while driving.
Funny story- drove halfway to school and realized I forgot my crock pot. I had to turn around. Ended up taking me an hour to get to work, but I took the back roads knowing they would look like this in the morning! 

Now onto our Thanksgiving...

Our entire school made a 'Cornucopia of Thanks'. 
Each teachers got a food to go into the cornucopia and their job was to have their children or entire class as a whole write what they were thankful for.
We had the green pepper right in the center. We wrote on circles all the things we were thankful for. I painted a pepper with green paint while the kids worked. The whole wall turned out SO cute! 

Thanksgiving Centers! 
I'm so excited. We do our centers every day, but they are Daily 5/Guided Reading based. I will throw in a few seasonal centers three times a week, but that is just in one of the rotations.
So on day like this, when I get to do the entire rotations of centers as themed, seasonal centers, I get WAY too excited!!

I took center games from Ashley Reed's 'Turkey-Riffic Centers' and my ELA centers.
Ashley's product is avaiable in her store OR in this Home for the Holidays fundraiser (which contains $80 worth of other goodies for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays!)

Here, the students are clapping out syllables and placing on the 1-5 Syllable sheets. 

Adjectives, Verbs, Nouns
Parts of speech sort
Students sorted, then copied onto their writing sheets.
This was where I had to sit and work the most. First graders are still learning nouns, verbs, and adjectives. 

ABC Order
Students picked a menu, rearranged the words in ABC order, and copied onto their sheets.

Turkey! Sight Word game
Pull cards- if they can read them, they keep them.
If they pull a turkey, they have to put all their cards back in.

Short Vowel vs. Long Vowel
This was tricky, too, but a fabulous learning activity.
We are in the middle of our long vowel units. We are learning vowel teams, so this center was very timely.

Playing with my Instagram collage app...
Here is a collage of my centers for the day.
(Technology center: students played the turkey game on Starfall.)

Thanksgiving Craft!
I got this freebie turkey from Doodle Bugs teaching.
We turned them into Fact Family Turkeys. 

Here the kids are, hard at work! 
Their desks were a mess!

One of my kiddos was absent yesterday, so I used his turkey to model how to cut and assemble under the camera. 

I just HAD to hang these up in the hallway. 
They did so well!

And other collage of all those pictures I just showed you....

Please check back in a few days to see another project we did....
Stone Soup!

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