Second Grade Nest: STEM Lab Visit 2

Thursday, November 21, 2013

STEM Lab Visit 2

Build the tallest free-standing structure made out of spaghetti, tape, and string with a marshmallow at the top! In 18 minutes! 

20 pieces of spaghetti
Long piece of masking tape

Here we go! 
Getting their hands on the materials...
Figuring out what to do with all of them. 
Piecing it all together and working it out. 

Group 1: 

Hard to see here, but here is their structure. It's leaning quite a bit so it just looks like an arch. 

Group 2: 

Final tower! 

Group 3: 


Hard to see... but here is their structure. Almost looks like a little giraffe. 

Group 4: 

Not sure why, but this group of boys just wanted to cut everything up in small pieces 

Not our tallest structure, but HEY! It was a successful free-standing structure. 

Group 5: 

AND here is the winner! 

Here is a FREEBIE recording sheet if you get to visit the STEM Lab!

Click the image for a direct link: 


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