Second Grade Nest: Lots of Reading Visitors

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lots of Reading Visitors

Last week, we had a very exciting week of reading.
In ONE very busy day, we had an author visit and our very first fourth grade reading buddies group. 
It was absolutely amazing how attentive and well behaved the kids were for both! 

~Author Visit~
An author came to visit us. She is a local author. Her name is Marcie May and she wrote a children's book called 'A City by the Sea'. It was SUCH a cute book! 

She set up a PowerPoint introducing herself, her daughter (co-author), and gave an overview of the story. The PowerPoint also had each page so the kids could see the pics clearly and read along if they wished! 

She made the kiddos get up and dance and move to a song written for her book! They danced to a song called "City by the Sea". It was adorable. 

Here is a picture of Marcie pointing to the kids asking them to interact.
Every few pages, the cat character responded with meows, hisses, and purrs. The kiddos got to narrate this part! 

~Reading Buddies~
Our first grade and fourth grade has teamed up. It has been in plan mode for about a month and a half. We haven't been able to nail down a perfect time, but finally, we got a time! 
Ms. Groneck's fourth grade class and mine met up last week for the first time and we met our weekly fourth grade buddies. They were good as gold. 

While our reading buddies were busy reading with their new buddies, they were asking kiddos questions on their question rings. 
This FREEBIE is what we use for reading comprehension. The kiddos use them as they read independently. It works much better when the fourth grader is there to help them! 
Story Element Questions 

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