Second Grade Nest: 7 Fabulous Things This Week (5 for Friday)

Friday, November 8, 2013

7 Fabulous Things This Week (5 for Friday)

It's been a while since I've linked up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for 5 for Friday!

Here are 7 amazing things that happened for me this week!! 
I'm cheating and adding 2!!

Remember that post I wrote a few weeks ago about planning with your team!?
Well, we got even more clever. We took our laptops and our team to Panera and sat for four hours while doing our report cards! 
Internet went in and out a few times, but we had each other's company and coffee!
4 hours later and our report cards were finished!! 

My teammate Amanda snapped this one of me!
This is me in a moment of sheer frustration!

Tickets to surprise my boyfriend!
I love Tran-Siberian Orchestra! After Halloween, its my number 1 Pandora channel.

I've only seen them once before! I can't wait to surprise him. They come to Cincy in December.

Post Card Exchange!! 

Finally worked on my postcards!!
Got them sent off in the mail this morning!
I'm doing a postcard exchange with other teachers around the country.

Here is my stack so far from others!
Cannot wait to turn this into a unit! 

My new toy!!
Well, I went in to recycle 12 ink cartridges (that I had purchased since May). I became fully aware that working my way through 12+ ink cartridges in 6 months. In my opinion, at least!!!!
So I decided to get myself a new printer. I asked about Laser printers because I was interested in trying them out, however, the Staples guy pushed me towards this one because of the cost efficiency of the ink (for about the same page amount per cartridge).

Isn't she pretty?? And she copies, scans, and faxes. I didn't think I'd ever need that, but I actually had to copy my information before leaving Canada, so I was mistaken!!

A pick-me-up...

"Hey BTW you are a great teacher!"
That is all I needed on that busy morning while checking morning work to COMPLETELY turn my day around!

This is from Saturday (which is actually considered last week), but it's within 7 days from this post, so I'm going to post!!
Here is Mitch and my costume! Last year, we did Wayne and Garth. This year, we didn't have a couples costume. We were actually quite opposite.
Stone Cold Steve Austin (and yes, he shaved his head just for tonight.)
And Audrey Hepburn!

If you need me this weekend, this is where I'll be. :-)

Seeing these guys!!!!

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  1. That's the same printer we've had for over a year. It is amazing how much I can print with just one cartridge! Plus, I use the draft quality for most things and it still looks great. I recommend stocking up on the XL cartridges when they go on sale. Office Depot and Staples both run buy 2 get 1 free sales often. Have a great weekend in Canada!
    The Traveling Teacher

  2. Love that your team gets time to work on report cards!
    Tamra and Sarah