Second Grade Nest: Christmas Ornament Gifts

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Christmas Ornament Gifts

Disclosure: I received these two products for review from Oriental Trading. All opinions are my own! 

It's never too early to start planning for the gifts you're going to have your kiddos gift their parents! 
I'm really excited to have my ornaments for the kids this year. We are going to have a little Christmas tree in our room and they'll use these to decorate until Christmas break when they get to take them home for their parents for gifts. (Which reminds me- I can NOT wait to blog about the students wrapping their gifts!)

I got my ornament packs from Oriental Trading.
Remember my Thanksgiving ones from the pumpkin patch?

I got new ones for the holidays!!
Check out these ornaments the kids will make the first week we get back from Thanksgiving break!

They have pages and pages of amazing ornaments and I truly struggled to just pick two of them. I wanted about eleven!

Coffee Mug Craft: 

Both crafts come in a baggie individual for each kiddo. 

Here are all the pieces that each kid will have. 
Except for the stamp pad- you get 2 of those and share them for the class.

Each piece has a peel-off back for sticker purposes! 
Very easy for kids to do.
When I gave the kids their Pumpkin Patch frames, I was confident that I'd have several kids that struggle with motor skills needing my help, but they all independently worked! 

Once all the pieces are assembled, kids will make their thumbprints around the mug! 
And the finished masterpiece. They'll write about their special ingredients that make their hot chocolate taste better.

Here is the link to the product!
Hot Chocolate Ornament

Gingerbread Picture Frame:  

Like the hot cocoa mug, the pieces come in individualize baggies for each kid. 

Here are all the pieces laid out! 

You'll need to grab a picture for each kiddo because you peel off this sticker seen above and put it onto  your pictures of your kids! 

That is my adorable little sister in there! 
I think this ornament will be the most fun for kids because they can REALLY get creative with all of these pieces to stick on. They can truly make it their own. 

Here is the link to the product!

Can't wait for the kids to make these and decorate them on our class Christmas tree. 

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing!! I am on my way to the Oriental Trading website now!!