Second Grade Nest: Christmas Around the World Unit!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Christmas Around the World Unit!

Christmas Around the World unit is finished!
I had so much fun creating this, too. My creating time has really been limited lately because of my busy school schedule. 

Check it out! 
This unit has two main parts....
*10 Individual Countries Activities
*Culminating Writing Activities- Foldable Books

The next few images that outline Brazil are the same for all ten countries, just different images and information, of course! 

Here is a closer look at all the pieces to this unit. 

Here are pics of the mini book....

Here is the teacher information sheets. 
Display the information picture map while reading off the facts on the right. 

Here are the student writing sheets to show what they've learned.
Fill-in-the-blank, illustration, fact writing.

And here is ONE of my favorites!!!
The flip books!

Two sheets come for the flip book.
One is the book, that will be cut and folded.
The other is the information squares that will be cut and glued into the flip book.

Cut the pieces out.
Fold the book along the middle line.

Flip the book over and cut the right side of the book. Stop at the middle.

Now time to glue all the pieces into the book!

Here is the inside of the book.

The words/picture SHOULD match the question/comment on the front of the flipbook.


This is my next favorite part of the unit!
Take 3 sheets of paper.
Can be construction paper, card stock, or white printer paper. 

Stack them up so that they are about an inch apart at the top. 

Fold from the bottom and crease! 

You should see 6 tabs when you're finished folding.
The glare makes it hard to see my 3 tabs on the right side, but I promise they are there. 
And this is a side angle. 
The top flap should be at the top (unlike this picture, showing it at the left).

Now, in these three books you'll make with the kids, you have one book that reviews Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Israel, and France. 
You have another book that reviews England, Sweden, Netherlands, Australia, and American.
And a third book that compares two countries on each tab.

As you cut them out, you'll glue them to your foldable books' pages!
Remember to remind your kids- the country pieces should stay on the same piece together, not the back side. 

See here how ALL of Brazil's information is on one page. It's like Brazil's information is hiding from you! 

Here is one of the flip books- just an example of the finished product.

And here is a picture of the comparison foldable book.
Under each flap, the students has a little chart where they can write how the countries are different from each other. 

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