Second Grade Nest: Visit to the Farm and a Craft!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Visit to the Farm and a Craft!

Disclosure: I received these two products for review from Oriental Trading. All opinions are my own! 

My students have spent that last month learning about farm animals in science class and writing farm animal informational pieces in writing. We've also done many pumpkin activities and read a lot of fall themed read-alouds.

Our trip to the pumpkin patch was a fabulous culminating activity for all this learning! And they were perfect angels. All behaved super and were very attentive and interested. These first graders are fabulous! 

Here are a few pictures I snapped! 

And now for the craft! 
When we got back to school, we wrote about our reflections, what we saw/heard/tasted/felt/smelled, and discuss with partners our favorite part. After we had our reflections, we made picture frames to go with it. I ordered these picture frames from Oriental Trading. And let me tell you, you could have heard a pin drop in that classroom. It was silent. They were SO attentive to those stickers when they were making their pictures frames. 

And they turned out so cute!! 
Check out these frame templates here: Pumpkin Patch Picture Frame.

These come in packs on 12 and they each come individually wrapped. 

 They come with magnet strips, too, so when we send them home, parents can put them on their fridges!

The packs come with foam stickers that you peel out of the sets, then peel the sticker part off of the back. Students did great with it. I thought my firsties would struggle with this fine motor activity, but they rocked it. 

As a time saver, I unwrapped all of the plastic baggies and set them out for students to come grab their set. 

Then I put them to work! 

 And then I put them on display around our door. It's magnetic!

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  1. Love those frames! What a nice keepsake! I bet they just loved creating them.
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