Second Grade Nest: Pumpkin Book Reports

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pumpkin Book Reports

My students were assigned with their pumpkin book reports two weeks ago. I must say, I am AMAZED at how they turned out. Every single student did theirs and they worked SO hard! 

We used Hope King's product for Trick or Treating book reports! 

Here is a huge photo collection of all the pumpkins- and some of the other classroom's! 

Nate the Great



Don't Let Pigeon Ride the Bus

 Snow White (make up got very smudged haha!)

Pete the Cat

Polar Express train

Do Not Open This Book! monkey

Super Diaper Baby

The Skeleton in the Closet

Pete the Cat

If You Take a Mouse to the Movies (or any other of the mouse series)

Bear Feels Scared

Fly Guy!

Interrupting Chicken

Star Wars/Yoda pumpkin
That's Yoda sitting inside a pumpkin!

Cat in the Hat

Fancy Nancy (with a pink tutu)

Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Ballet Kitty

Smurfette &
Cat in the Hat

Skippyjon Jones

The Lorax


Fly Guy &

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie &
We Are in a Book


Jingle All the Way doggy

Skippyjon Jones

Splat the Cat & 
Another Fly Guy

Another Fly Guy


Pete the Cat
Put Me in the Zoo

Stay Close to Mama giraffe

Otis &

And here are a couple of glances down our first grade hallway!! 
110 pumpkins on display!

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  1. Love them! Quite the artists!

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