Second Grade Nest: Parent Teacher Conferences and Celebration of Learning!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Parent Teacher Conferences and Celebration of Learning!

Our school set up a Celebration of Learning during Parent-Teacher conference night. 
Each grade set up a display of their work since the beginning of the year. We set up little examples from math, reading, writing, poems, and social studies/science. 

Here are a few pictures of how I set up my conferences.
Make sure that you let parents feel welcome, so sticking them in chairs that are the size of mini-humans isn't that inviting. I always make sure that I have an adult sized chair for them! 

(Sorry for black blobs- students name blacked out for privacy.)
Here is the list that our administration asks us to complete saying when we our conferences are scheduled and who showed up for it. 
Standard procedure. 

 These are STAR reports for parents- there is a parent letter tab if you're a STAR teacher. This puts everything in easier to understand terms.

 Each parent gets a packet outlining what we've done, how their kids are doing in each of these areas. 
It also lists all scores on all assessments we've given.

RTI data and AIMS web benchmark assessments to go over.

And don't forget a sign in sheet!
I also leave a post-it note pad and pen for me for suggestions and questions for each student! 


And here are a few pictures of our Celebration of Learning.
This is only first grade pictures. The rest of the school was very decorated with K-5 work!  

Here is a few view of the first grade display. 

Anchor Charts for Reading and Math with a few of our A-Z books for kiddos to read while they wait on their parents during conferences. 

Math Addition Strategies we've been working on for a few weeks. 

Writing posters and a couple of writing journals. 

Community Helpers Shared Research books &
our Farm Animal Facts books 

We have a poem a week that is usually theme based.
We learn sight words, syllables, rhyming, poetry, letters, letter sounds, etc. during our poetry. 

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  1. Could you forward me a copy of the packet you give parents at conferences? It is such a great idea.