Second Grade Nest: How to Team Plan Like Rockstars

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How to Team Plan Like Rockstars

So this blog post is probably VERY biased...
Just to warn you.

My team is fabulous. We work together incredibly and they are incredible friends and teachers. So many positive words! At my old placements, we would meet and discuss what we were going to teach the following week, but at my new school with my new team we actually plan everything and share so many great ideas.

First off, let me tell you.... if you team plan.... Google Docs. 
It works wonders. 

We upload a blank lesson plan template into Google Docs.
On Mondays, we all bring our laptops and log into Google Docs.
We then split up our jobs into Writing, Reading, Math, Science/Social Studies, and Newsletter/Homework. One person gets a job for the week and we all sit and share ideas.

The cool thing about Google Docs is that you can all work on the lesson plan at one time! 

Carrie being bashful...
This picture is to demonstrate that our team planning is relaxed and carefree.
We have fun and it makes for a fabulous team.

Our instructional coach likes to come help out, too sometimes. And visit! 
This week, she was showing us how to set up our MyMath At-Home links.

Don't forget the treats. 
It's a sharing time on Monday evenings for us. 
Bring your snacks and ruin your dinner. 

We joke because we all like to talk at once. It gets loud, but we are all heard.
When it gets too loud and someone needs to say something, we can just send a mini message on Google Docs. If you look in the picture above, you can see the little chat box in the bottom corner, like on Facebook or Gmail. 

We all bring our instruction materials to sift through. 
The beautiful cover sheet for my binder comes from a kindergarten friend from my school. 
Fun fact.... Darlin' Little Learners actually teaches kindergarten right down the hall from me! 
If you love the binder covers as much as I do, check them out here! 
Binder Covers {With Spine Labels}...Polka Dot


  1. Thanks for sharing about Google Docs. It's also inspiring to see a team work so well together. You are fortunate!

  2. We are so completely jealous of your team! You are a lucky lady. The 2 of us make up our team because our neighbor checks in 5 min before the bell and leaves 1 min after. :(
    This is so awesome!
    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

  3. You are so lucky :) As a coach, I love this idea :)

  4. We used to use Google Docs for our lesson planning. I loved that we could all access/work within the same template. But our admin got this wild hair & made us use their template they created, which was similar to what we were doing. Now we all just use our own & it's very individualized again. :( I personally liked having a main grade level plan then I could always copy & adjust for my own kids. That way admin couldn't say we were all doing different things.