Second Grade Nest: Busy Halloween Day in First Grade

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Busy Halloween Day in First Grade

Today was our Halloween party!
It was SO full of busy things that we did. Lots of pics! 

First off, let's look at Kindergarten/1st grade team's costumes.
We decided late one night when we were playing trivia at the local restaurant, that we should go as fictional book characters!
My costume was Pinkalicious.
Amber's costume was a minion from Despicable Me. 

Carrie's costume was Fancy Nancy.
Lisa's costume was Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. 

Jodi's character was Ms. Frizzle.
Amanda was Pete the Cat. 

And the whole K/1 gang 
(without Darlin' Little Learner's Rebecca!! She is on maternity leave.)

NOW time for the party!!! 

Prepping for the craft before the kiddos got there! 
Disclosure: I received these two products for review from Oriental Trading. All opinions are my own! 
I had to make a sample for the kiddos, so while they were at specials, I made a kitty cat craft from Oriental Trading! 

Each kiddo gets an individual baggie.
Step 1: Make the glue/water paste for the plastic sheet. 
Students will paint the plastic sheet with the glue/water paste for the tissue paper. 

I let these dry for about 20 minutes, then we started putting the stickers on!  

Pumpkin trim goes on first. 

Then time for the cat pieces! 

Here is another product from Oriental Trading that is fabulous for Halloween! 

We decorated our treat bags with foam stickers from Oriental Trading. Check out the link here

All you need is lunch bags, markers, and these fabulous foam stickers. 

Students walked around to the six parent volunteers in the room and got our treat bags and fun sized candies!  
Here is a shot of some kids trick or treating at my station. 



Fruit cups, cupcake, pretzels, drinks, Doritos, and string cheese. 

While they snacked, we watched about 12 minutes of The Great Pumpkin!  

And while my parents helped clean up and organize, the students calmed down with my sight word scramble out of my October-on-the-Go pack!

Check out the amazing decorations that my fabulous room-mom came in and set up! 


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