Second Grade Nest: What I've Been Up To

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What I've Been Up To

Is it just me or is this blog super lonely? My life got so hectic right before school started and I hardly had any time to blog. Here is a little catch up and a (hopeful) promise to start up strong again with blogging! 

First, I'll start off with my September Currently.

How have I not started watching this show earlier?? It is hilarious! 

First grade. Yes, I miss 2nd grade sometimes because it was so much fun but I can tell that I'm really going to fall in love with teaching first grade! 

3-day weekends really refresh us. Just one little day makes us feel rejuvenated and relaxed. Here is what I did today on my 3-day weekend evening....
My boyfriend and I spent our 3-day weekend cooking chili, watching TV, and doing a puzzle. 100% relaxing and enjoyable! 

Sorry readers, I've been the worst blogger! My new school day goes SO fast that I never even think to get my camera out! I will make a true effort starting today so I can start blogging again! I miss it! 

I have two Fall packs for TPT and who knew that Fall is right around the corner?!? I have Halloween and Thanksgiving products, but last year, I never made any Fall products. Can't wait to have those complete so I feel like I'm caught up again! 

Before school started back up, I was working out at the gym daily. However, as most teachers know, my first two weeks back have been anything but calm. My goal is to get in the gym at least 4 times this week! Another thing I need to make my heart happy is to start my daily reading again! I burned through about 15 Kindle books from January through July. Since then, I've read maybe 1/2 of a book. 

Oh and teachers...... sanitize often!
10 days into school and I spent half of last week either with a stomach bug or recovering from it.


  1. Love 3 day weekends! I agree about sanitizing!


  2. My principal agrees that a 3 day weekend once a month is nice so he makes sure to schedule us one each month:) It's really nice.

    The Busy Busy Hive

  3. I want to work for Heather's principal!! I'd love a three day weekend a month. I saw an instagrammer who has 4 day weeks all the time! How awesome is that? I teach will love it. The growth in this year is nothing short of amazing. I just had my first day today (Can you say TIRED?) and they are great, but so little. I love having the crystal ball to know how far they will come!!
    A Burst of First