Second Grade Nest: Very Random, Very Busy Week (5 for Friday)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Very Random, Very Busy Week (5 for Friday)

August went SO fast for me, it wasn't even funny... and here we are halfway through September. Seriously  teacher lives fly by because our school days go so quickly. I'm trying to be a better blogger, but I am struggling to find minutes to pick up my phone to even snap pictures!! 

But here is a recap of the fun pictures I could manage to take this week! 

I'm going to start off with a Pinterest inspired family project. 
My room mom traced my kiddos hands and arms and sent these home in their folders. Parents were responsible for working with their students and making their goals and dreams for first grade! My kids were really excited to show these off. 
When looking at the pin I found on Pinterest though, it was not linked to a home, so I don't know who the creator is!! If you know the person who I was pinspired by, please let me know or send me a link!)

Weekend work!!
Since I've been hired at my new amazing job, I have been spending a few hours every Sunday up at school. My goal is to not have to go in this Sunday (meaning today will be a busy day!!). 
That is where boyfriends come in handy. Thanks to my man, Mitch, my work load was cut in half on Sunday! Here here is tracing circles on construction paper and cutting out laminate.


Beginning Sound Circles
Special letter in the middle & pictures that begin with that letter in the outer circle. 
Using Deanna's Chit Chat messages in my Core Extension group. 
This is 45 minutes a day where our first is split throughout the entire grade into leveled groups. We made beginning sound circles for our first and last names for our "Get to Know Me" activity. They did so well with these! (The kids were shocked when I showed them my J and my T... they couldn't believe my first name wasn't Ms.)


Finding some time to incorporate centers into our daily schedule! We were so busy at the beginning teaching our very necessary procedures lessons, there was not any time for bringing in seasonal centers. Now that the students know their expectations, we can start tying in our seasonal centers and that makes me one happy blogger! 
These centers are part of my Apples pack that I recently uploaded. 

We made our 'All About Me' books from A Cupcake for the Teacher and I hung them out in the hallway for Curriculum Night. Parents spent a lot of time looking through their child's books. They truly enjoyed them! Check it out! 

I'm breaking the rules... I'm making a 6 for Friday.
I just needed to let y'all know its pumpkin season.
First Watch... pumpkin pancakes... buy them this weekend... you won't regret it. 

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  1. Is your core extension time different than guided reading?

    I love the family project :)

    Literacy Without Worksheets

  2. Good job there Mitch! I love it when help comes! Especially man help. They are so efficient. I like your beginning sounds circles. :)

    The Perks of Teaching Primary