Second Grade Nest: Morning Routine

Friday, September 6, 2013

Morning Routine

Just wanted to give you guys a peek inside my morning routine for when the kids first get into the classroom! 

{Checking In}
Check-in chart before....

Check-in chart after...
The students come in and find their owl and put it in the tree. This way I can quickly glance over to see who isn't here today so I can enter in my attendance on I.C. really quickly! 
This check in chart is part of both owl decor packs at my store! 

{Lunch, Anyone?}
Lunch ribbons before...
Purple ribbon is for packers (P, Packers, Purple)
Yellow ribbon is for buyers (Y, Yellow, Buy)

Lunch ribbons after. 
Each clip has the student's name on it and their lunch number that they have to type in to buy their lunches. At the beginning of the year, the students may not know their numbers, so we take the clothespins off the ribbon, clip it to their shirts, and they can use it while they punch their lunch numbers in. 
15 days into school and ALL my students know their numbers! Woo hoo!! Smarties. 
-And yes, after my kids get their hands on the clips and ribbons, it gets a little crooked.)

{O.W.L. Binders and Folders} 
Students put their red folders in the black bin and make a stack of their O.W.L. binders. While they do their morning work, I check homework and their zipper pouches for any notes/money. 
O.W.L. Binder Documents available here. 

{Morning Work Review}

Students work on morning work when they get into my classroom. This is my chance to give them a cyclical review! Check them out in my store. Click the pictures above for the links. 

{What's Your Job?} 
Students must check our job chart to see if they have a job today! 
We rotate these daily through our ABC order. 
These job cards are available in my Owl/Chevron/Chalkboard Decor pack

{Not related!}
My room mom comes in to help me on Monday mornings to get all of my paperwork adjusted in my O.W.L. binders for the week. She was saying how she had run out of coffee and was really dragging that morning. And as an avid coffee lover myself, I couldn't just let her run out!  

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