Second Grade Nest: Back to School Fun and Organization from Oriental Trading

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back to School Fun and Organization from Oriental Trading

I got these fabulous items at Oriental Trading last month and am TOO excited to use them in the classroom.
Disclosure: I received these two products for review from Oriental Trading. All opinions are my own! 

Nothing more exciting than getting new teacher supplies in the mail!! 

Product #1
Getting to know each other
When I first started my teacher career, I spent 3 training days at a Kagan Cooperative Learning Workshop. I fell in love w/ Cooperative Learning and even wrote my graduate school research proposal on it! So when I found this item at Oriental Trading, my mind went crazy with ideas on how to use it for back to school! 

Looks like a plain tissue box, but it is not! 

The top of the box says "Getting to Know Whoo's Here".

These leaves go inside the box. These leaves have personal questions that you can ask you students while doing Mix-Pair-Share, RoundRobin, Turn-n-Talk, etc. 

They just pull out the top. 
I used about four or five a day for the first few days of school and plan to continue to do so throughout the entire month for Team Building opportunities. 
Check this out here: 

Product #2 
'I'm Through, Now What Can I Do?' file folders
A fabulous new hanging file folder set. 
Once I have a copy mom scheduled to come and help me get ahead (I'm swamped over here, y'all), I'm going to put 'I'm Through, What Can I Do?' file folder games. 
During Centers or Morning Work time, students walk over and find an activity or printable to complete with by themselves or with a partner. It is amazing to keep them organized and keep them out of my hair while I try to teach small group!
Check this product out here:
Clear File Folder Chart
Owl Folders

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