Second Grade Nest: Open House

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Open House

I had so much fun at open house this year! 
It was actually last week, but since I had back to back teacher week posts, I decided to wait on my post until today. 

Open House was amazing. Last year, at my old school, we did open house after school began, which meant we had class work hung around the room. At my new school, we do it before school beings. I met all my kiddos and had a great time! 

I am SO SORRY these pics aren't clear and as close up as I usually like. 
This post was very rushed because my parents weren't headed down the hall when I was snapping these pics!! 

Name tag
Red folder w/ district information
My flipbook that I had too much fun making!! (Actually, my boyfriend did all the cutting, assemblying, and stapling! <3  )

Scavenger Hunt
Student information sheet
Email information sheet
'WelGUM to First Grade' baggy w/ 3 pieces of bubble gum. 

Email Information
Volunteer information
Student information
Scavenger Hunt
And a HUGE folder of paperwork to fill out

Forgot to get a close-up, but of course, you have the sign-in sheet with the apple die-cuts of things that we need for the classroom! :-) 


  1. Love your flip book! What a great idea! :)


  2. I love your flipbook idea -- I pinned it, let's see if I do it! :)

    Happy Back to School to you!

    Bitty Bilinguals

  3. Great and fa bolus post ... I totally agree with you.

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