Second Grade Nest: Making Cheap Blinds

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Making Cheap Blinds

So, with this crazy move from old school to new school, I don't have lots of time to make fancy drapes. My old classroom had a corkboard strip above the windows so I could staple my fabric at the top, but my new school does not. So, I had to go on a little adventure.

This is how you make fabric drapes the (very) cheap way...

What you need:
-shower curtain rod
-'Stitch Witchery'- iron on hemming
-damp cloth

1. Fold the fabric over the shower curtain rod. 

2. Lay the iron-on hemming right under the fold you just made around the shower curtain. 

3. Put a damp cloth on top of the fabric, and hold the iron on top of the damp cloth for 10 seconds. Do not move the iron back and forth like you typically would on an iron, just hold it there. 

And done!!!! 

There are my drapes in my new room!


  1. Hi Jessica, I adore your classroom curtains! Thanks for sharing! I am going to do this today!! Would you be able to let me know about how many yards of fabric did you buy to cover all your windows? Thank You so much!! Love it! Blessings to you for a great year ahead! Kelly

  2. Jessica, those are some super cute curtains you made!! I have a teeny-tiny window in my new room and need to spice them up just a little bit.. I think your cheap and easy drapes are my only option.. I can sew even just a stitch! Can't wait to see the rest of your room!


  3. LOVE the curtains! Good luck in 1st grade!
    Diving Into 2nd Grade

  4. LOvE the curtains!! Where did you find that adorable fabric??? I have been wanting some chevron ones in my own classroom!

  5. The curtains are so cute -- darn Fire Marshal! :(

    Bitty Bilinguals

  6. Stitch it! I always wondered how to do the whole "no sew" thing. I have a few fabric panels in my room that I've been wanting to hem. I'll have to look for this instead of sewing. :)

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