Second Grade Nest: A Day in the Life of a Teacher- August Edition

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Day in the Life of a Teacher- August Edition

Here we go again! How exciting that it's time for our link-up for August already! 
I felt like it was JUST the July link-up! 
Check out my day as a teacher, then follow the links at the bottom to check out other fabulous teacher's days! 

Duh! Who wouldn't start the morning off like this?

I need to start packing my lunch in the evening, but I am always caught up with blogging or creating, that I always end up doing my lunches in the morning.
And of course, getting my hair and make up finished! 

Went with a side bun today because I woke up with hair that did not want to cooperate this morning! You can always spruce up buns with scarves! 

I got my ENO pen today! So excited to start using it on my ENO board! The kids are excited, too because they can start using the ENO board with me! 

Learning targets (thanks to Deanna)! I have my 2nd grade targets, but since I switched to first at the last minute, I didn't want to have to type them all up! 
And my wonderful day of the week sorter keeps me soo organized! 
I start getting students at 8:30, so these are last minute things! 

Starting our morning work with Drops in the Bucket and reading on the floor! 
I'm starting my morning work next week from my store! So excited! 

Starting centers. 
I use my magnets for my check-in chart to label which center the students are in. I can just move the magnets each center! 

Starting our centers! 
Technology center.

Reading Centers

And finally my lunch! Which usually only lasts about ten minutes! 

It is so insanely hot out lately that recess is almost unbearable for teachers! But the kids love it, so of course we do, too! 

Every Tuesday and Thursday, my students get Headsprout/Compass Learning time in our learning lab!

And then my day got a little too hectic to photograph. 
We had Math and P.E. in this crazy 2 hour window. 

Finishing our day off with some writing! 

This should say 4:30!! 
I do not get home at 3:30, I still have kids then. OOPS! 

Lovely laundry time. 

This was too much fun! 
Dancing around at L.A. Fitness with Kim and Tim (our fabulous Zumba instructors)! 

Picking out clothes is always a trick.
Yes, that is my walk-in closet. Yes, I am obsessed. 
I chose a skirt and ruffle top for tomorrow! It's too hot for scarves right now! What was I thinking!? Oh yeah... bad hair day. 

Anna DiGilio from Simply Skilled in Second and I skyped tonight.
We were planning out our team blog post on Primary Chalkboard.
If you haven't checked our the collaborative blog I am on, go check it out!! 
We came up with some GREAT ideas for our post, which you can see on Saturday the 31st! 
And talking to Anna was too much fun. We talked about so many things and I adore her New York accent. 

I haven't created since July and it is killing me. 
I am loving my new creating time that I make super late at night.
Fall and apple packs are coming soon! 

And ending my night getting my blog post ready for you guys!! 


1. Take pictures of your day.
2. Create a blog post about how you spend your day as a teacher.
3. Use the graphic at the top of this blog post (Day in the Life) at the top or bottom or the post with a link back to Second Grade Nest.
4. Add your link down below by hitting the Inklinkz button!


  1. Oh my goodness! I was the first one! :) I am so excited! ;) You guys have so much cool technology! I am so jealous! :/ We have 4 computers in each room and we are limited really to what programs come with our basals and AR. :/ I laughed when you got to math! :0) I TOTALLY forgot to take pics during that EXACT same block of time! :) *whew* Glad it wasn't just me! :) Loved that you and Anna got to Skype! :) Can't wait to see the post ya'll are cookin' up! :) I bet it will be amazing! Just like those centers that you're working on! :) Let us know when they are available! :) I'll be wishlisting those for sure! ;) After an entire summer of creating...I would gladly pass the buck to other talented friends of mine and take a creative break! :)

    Mrs.Russell's Room
    First Grade

  2. I am LOVING this linky party idea...and I love so much about your post.
    I think it is super sweet that your students write about the student of the week...and I ADORE your chevron table runner!


  3. 2 quick things before I go to sleep! 1.) I love using drops in the bucket, I need to blog about it! And 2.) I am now craving those oatmeal cream pies!

    Teaching in the Tongass

  4. What an awesome post!!!! Love it! I had so much fun skyping too!! You are too sweet! Can't wait for our blog post to go live :). Woooohooo!


  5. We all have busy days that's for sure. Thanks for hosting my friend!
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

  6. What a great linky! i have linked up! Bad hair day, huh - you looked adorable! You managed to fit so much into your day - I don't know how you do it - I get tired way too quickly - off to bed at 9.30 for me!

    Can't wait for the next one - I promise I will do a better job with the photos then!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  7. I was a bit late to the game, since I only discovered the linky about a week ago. But I just linked up anyway! :-) I love looking into other teacher's days via pictures like this. Mine was so simliar to yours yet so different. I'm shocked at how late you go to bed though and am wondering how you are able to do it. But, I go to bed at 9 or 10 and get up at 5 am. I'm a bit of an "old lady".