Second Grade Nest: Organizing Book Bins in Your Classroom Library

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Organizing Book Bins in Your Classroom Library

 Anyone else in this situation? 
I wanted to cry when I got into my classroom and remember that all my books were shoved into boxes in my back corner. It took me a couple hours to organize all of these books into their correct boxes. 

I used this FREEBIE from my store.

I also used Rubber Maid boxes that I found for $1 at Big Lots! 
I left several of them blank so I could write in options that I add on throughout the year, or book bins I need multiple of! 

I laid my book bins around the perimeter of my book stack and sat in the middle and tossed them in as I sorted through the huge pile. 

Then, I alphabetized the book bins on my library shelves. FREAK! I know, OCD....

Here is a close up of one of the book bins for the students to learn to categorize the books. 


Then, you can spruce up your library with decorations, like tissue paper puff trees or 'READ' signs! 


  1. I will be in your boat next week when I go back to my classroom. I just started my school to do list and it just keeps growing! I like these categorized book bins. I am also planning to do bins by Author or series and reading levels.

  2. I have definitely been in your boat before. I feel like I have spent at least 100 hours of my teaching career sorting, labeling, and resorting books in my classroom library. I do not know if I will be inheriting a classroom library at my new school. I do not know if I will be inheriting a classroom library at my new school. If I do, I will definitely be spending some more time sorting.
    The Traveling Teacher

  3. Looks great! I did this several years ago, and it took. for. ever. But so worth it to have them organized for the kiddos! Love your tree, too!

    Teach On.

  4. I had to laugh at your picture because that was me 2 years ago!! I "inherited" a classroom where the teacher had thrown every reader into 2 huge cardboard boxes. No labels, no levels, nothing. Oy! Your organization is top notch, and I LOVE your bulletin board borders-- is that green and yellow fabric?
    Mrs. Jones’s Kindergarten

  5. So many great ideas :) Thanks for sharing! I'm your newest follower--feel free to stop by The Quirky Apple if you get a chance!


    The Quirky Apple

  6. Haha - love it! I am in the same boat. I am a first year teacher and walked into a classroom where all of the books were in random piles on the floor - woohoo! Where did you get the white wire racks on top of your shelves?


  7. Your library looks awesomely organized!!! I felt like that 2 weeks before school ended, luckily for me I organized it all and put them nicely in cubbies-I'm happy I won't be coming back to that! LOL
    -Lovely Nina

  8. Your room is looking soooo cute! I'm totes jealous - I have exactly one week between when we can get into our classes and when kids come for the first day. WHHAATTTTTTT. Also, why did I think it'd be a good idea to put all my books together in one big box? OY. Oh well - I LOVE your read signs!

    Ms. BBZ: Integrated Learning in Second Grade

  9. How cute! I love your reading area. It looks so inviting!

    Team V's Second Grade Fun

  10. Me too! I decided to make 2 separate libraries-one for fiction and one for nonfiction. I ran out of time yesterday and left a huge mess! I love the $1 Rubbermaid book bins from Big Lots!

  11. Your library is adorable -- very inviting! I just went through my bins and took out the books that I don't want out for the beginning of the year, so I can totally relate!

    My bins - I lucked out. We have a random $1.09 store (yes, when a Dollar Tree just doesn't cut it) and I found a whole bunch of baskets that look like the ones from Really Good Stuff. People always comment that I must have spent a ton on the baskets, but not really...and I love them!

    Bitty Bilinguals

  12. I love your library! I think it is so important to have a well organized and inviting library in every classroom. I need to weed out some books from my library. I have too many!

    Second Grade Sweetie Pies

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