Second Grade Nest: Making My Reading Corner Tree w/ a Tutorial on Pom-Pom Puffs

Monday, July 29, 2013

Making My Reading Corner Tree w/ a Tutorial on Pom-Pom Puffs

Yay!! I love crafting! 
Here is a blog post on how I made my reading corner tree. 

I started with my tree trunk, which is just bulletin board paper that my school supplies from the art room. I pulled about 8 feet of it off, drew on the tree with pencil, then cut the tree out. 

Here is a little tutorial on making pom-pom puffs....
You will need:
*Tissue paper of your choice (6-8 sheets) (I only used 3 here because I was running low and it is apparent that my puffs aren't thick enough....)
*Bobby pins

Lay your 6-8 pieces of tissue paper out flat. 

Fold the piece that is closest to you up about 1 inch and crease it. 

Take the folded sheets and flip them over so that the piece that is folded up towards you is now face down on the opposite side. 

Then, at the top, fold the tissue paper backwards about an inch (including the piece that is already folded under). Crease it. 

Flip the two folds upside down so that the folds are now closest to you and upside down. 

Continue for the entire set of sheets until you have a fan-like rectangle. 

Some people use twist-ties or rubber bands, but I've found that Bobby-pins are the easiest way to fasten these puffs together. 

Trim the edges off. (Optional- this makes for a rounder puff.)

Stick your fingers into the base at the middle (where the bobby-pins are) so that you can get the edges as spread out as possible. 

Start peeling the layers of tissue paper apart so that each individual piece is fluffed on its own. 

Then, I took each puff, tied a string to the bobby-pins in the middle and attached it to the ceiling. 

 My school is currently closed and getting waxed, but once I get in, I'm going to add a couple more puff to make it look more full- but you get the idea!! 

I also make these for my table labels. 
I attach the table number to the puff and stick it on the ceiling! 

These have a few more tissue paper sheets than my skinny tree leave puffs, so you can see the difference between using only 3-4 sheets and 6-8 sheets. 
These owl table labels are found in my owl/chevron/chalkboard pack


  1. I saw the tree on your instagram, so cute! I did one several years ago for Chicka Chicka Boom Boom...but yours is way cuter! Love it!

    I'm going to do the table numbers that way, too. I have the poms from last year, just need to get going on my table numbers. Looks great!


  2. Love it! Thanks so much for posting on how you made it. This is my next project for my classroom.

    The Busy Busy Hive

  3. Thanks for sharing. I've been wanting to make some of those puffs for my room.

    Third Grade Galore

  4. Love the tree! I was thinking about creating one for my room this year! I have made few recently, since they are great for just about anything... baby showers, bridal showers, b-day parties. Here's a tip that helped me make the flowers look fuller...If you fold the paper from the short side of the tissue paper, the poms will look more puffy and like real flowers. Also this website has great dimension if you ever want to do different sizes Thanks for sharing your room.

  5. Love your tree! It looks so good in your reading area!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  6. I wish I could make the tree!!!! I had a pretty neat one last year but the fire marshall came through and shut it down :( Nothing from the ceiling, nothing "coming out of the walls" NO FUN :(


  7. How cute! These look great in your classroom!

    Team V's Second Grade Fun