Second Grade Nest: Fancy Tissue Paper Bulletin Board Border

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fancy Tissue Paper Bulletin Board Border

Thanks to my pal Valerie at All Students Can Shine, I was inspired to take down my old traditional bulletin board borders and get a little crafty!

Start with your fabric or background paper.
I used gray chevron fabric from Hobby Lobby. 

You'll need several packs of tissue paper. I chose green and yellow and bought 4 packs of each. 

Grab one sheet of color 1, pinch together with about 1-2 inches at the top.
Repeat with color 2. 
Bundle the two together. 

Staple where your hand had the tissue paper bundled.

Then staple the bottom. The next tissue paper puff will cover this, so it is okay if it isn't perfect. 

Repeat with the next tissue paper set on top of where you left off. 

Work your way around the edge of the bulletin board. 

And done!! I am in love! 

And then, when you mess up..... improvise!
I didn't buy enough tissue paper because my focus wall bulletin board is so long.
So I mixed bulletin board border and my fancy tissue paper border.
I'm not sure how I feel about it, but I'll keep it for now.


  1. What a GREAT idea!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing and thank you for making the directions so thorough in each step and easy to follow :-)

  2. Love your bulletin board--so pretty!!

  3. Your boards look beyond cute with the tissue paper!

  4. It looks awesome! Such a different idea. Thanks for the tutorial too!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  5. I love this idea!
    I'm thinking blue and green to go with my black bulletin boards.

    The Busy Busy Hive

  6. I love that!! I'm definitely inspired to spice things up a bit now! Thank you for the great tip :)

  7. LOVE IT! We have matching chevron fabric! I actually saw the tissue paper idea somewhere else today and was planning to do it too! I love how it's 3D! :)

    First Grade Fabulosity {2nd Grade}