Second Grade Nest: A Sunday Smorgasboard of Pictures

Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Sunday Smorgasboard of Pictures

I am linking up with my friend Michelle at Fabulous in First for her Sunday Smorgasboard! 

This week has been totally random. I spent the first half of the week setting up my classroom and the second half of the week visiting friends in St. Louis! 

The mess of books that I dumped out of five boxes. Here we go on organization! 

All done! I love it this year. It is beasically the same organization as last year, but for some reason, it feels more tidy this year! 
I used my FREEBIE book bin labels here. 
Feel free to download if you want them! 
Owl Book Tub Labels

Left: Last year's behavior chart and rules from Owl Decor Pack 1
Right: This year's behavior chart and rules Owl Decor Pack 2
I am SO excited about my owl room makeover this year!! I'm loving the chevron and chalkboard additions. 

I finished up my Back to School Comprehension Pack and I'm SO excited! 

I went up in the arch this weekend! 
I had to walk into that little door to get into the pod to take me up! 
It was gorgeous when we got up there.  

Then, we went on a Anheuser-Busch tour and it was really awesome! 
We got two free samples at the end. 
By the way, Shocktop Honeycrisp Wheat is delicious!  

New purchases for the week! 
Statement Necklaces at a Blowout Price! Silver and Gold Chains and Many Colors!
(Very Jane)

Shopping for my purchase orders!! AND THEN SOME! 
Really Good Stuff


  1. fun pictures. Looks like you had a blast.

  2. I have the turquoise necklace! Love it!


  3. Just did the same thing with my books at the end of last year :)

  4. Okay, I love this post! Is it weird that the before and after pics of your library make me giddy? I love organization!! I just went to St. Louis for the 4th of July weekend...I have a picture of me in front of door number 7 (those pods are freaky) and I think our new favorite beer is the Shock Top Apple, too. We just went out and got a six pack of it Friday night! THEN! That necklace...I have seen everyone wearing one...and I want one! Thank you for the link! Oh my goodness! I seriously love this post!

    Bitty Bilinguals

  5. cute classroom!!! Thanks for linking up!

  6. Jessica,
    I love Very Jane!!! Cute necklace my friend. Glad you had fun with your friend.
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After