Second Grade Nest: Literature and Art with Children's Books

Friday, June 21, 2013

Literature and Art with Children's Books

Last week, I taught an art class called 'CreARTivity through Literature' at Northern Kentucky University's Explore More Gifted and Talented summer program. We had so much fun. Check out a few of our projects.

Project 1:
Mister Seahorse- Eric Carle
After reading Mister Seahorse, we practice creating art work with different textures and mediums, much like Eric Carle does. We painted our background blue with sponges. Then, we colored a seahorse with chalk on construction paper. Finally, we drew seaweed on construction paper and cut the seahorse and seaweed out and glued down to sea background. 

Project 2:
Cat in the Hat- Dr. Seuss
I showed Andy Warhol art work up on the board and let the students notice different characteristics about his artwork. Then, we drew four boxes on our papers and drew four Cat in the Hat faces in each box. Students must model their coloring off of Andy Warhol and color every single box differently. 

Project 3: 
Pete the Cat- Eric Litwin
After reading Pete, we did a Pete craft! We painted all of Pete's body parts blue and his eyes yellow, then the students cut each body part out and glued to a sheet of paper. Then students had to pick which color shoes they wanted for Pete and drew/cut them out themselves. 

Project 4: 
The Mixed Up Chameleon- Eric Carle
Students completed the list of ABC animals, then picked 5-6 of these animals to morph into one animal. This was a simple drawing w/ pencil and coloring with marker activity. This artwork required more thinking skills than art skills. Kids still love markers, so they did not mind one bit! 

Project 5:
A Bad Case of the Stripes- David Shannon
With a pencil, draw a self-portrait on white construction paper, then outline this with a black sharpie marker. The permanent marker will help prevent any running or mixing lines once the kids start painting. Using a ruler, students drew lines on their faces to give themselves stripes. Then, they got to paint their faces! 

All of these projects (PLUS MORE) are included in my Literature Fun Friday units. 



  1. Jessica,
    I love all of your art ideas! I'm totally Art Challenged, but I love crafts. I am for sure going to try some of your ideas and I'm looking forward to checking out your products.
    ♥Teaching Fabulous Firsties!♥

  2. These are wonderful! They are going on my wish list! :)