Second Grade Nest: Explore More Gifted and Talented Art Class Day 1 and 2

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Explore More Gifted and Talented Art Class Day 1 and 2

What a crazy 2 days it has been! 
I started teaching my summer classes at NKU. This week I am teaching Amazing Art.
Next week I am teaching two classes: CreARTivity Through Literature and Who Wants to Be a Scientist. 
Check out what we did so far! 

Painting Still Life

I put a picture of fairly simple still life on the board and the kids walked through to draw it in pencil, then painted with Tempera Paint. 

Someone knows about fabulous chevron already!! 

Painting with acrylic and canvas 

The kiddos felt so cool with their canvas! They enjoyed using something other than paper.  

Here are their finished work. We were working on foreground and background. 

Andy Warhol style art with oil pastels
Students fold their paper in fourths. Then trace the creases. They have to pick an item to draw in each box, but cannot color the image the same in any of the boxes. 

For some reason, when we Google searched Andy Warhol, there were two Mickey paintings and the kids were so excited to try Mickey. I had four out of fourteen kids draw Mickey for their Andy Warhol work. 

Paper Mache (my favorite) 
Step 1- kiddos cut their strips
(I left my industrial paper cutter at school and thought the kids would be a great help with this step!)

Step 2- 
Hot water and glue mixture (1 part each and stir)

Step 3- 
Kiddos build their wet newspaper strips around their balloons.
Strips cannot be dripping wet or the balloon will collapse as it dries.
Kids need to intertwine their strips around the balloon almost like they are weaving. 

Step 4-
Add tissue paper pieces.
Kids put dry tissue paper on balloon and "paint" it with their wet fingers. If they put the tissue paper into the mixture it'll get too weak and it'll usually fold over and stick together. 

Step 5-
Let dry 1 or 2 days.
I have them sitting in bowls because when we put them on the floor in my classroom, the bottoms stayed wet and some caved in. 
When dry- pop balloon and pull out limp balloon. 

Can't wait to show you the next two days!! And then the next week!!

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  1. WOw! This sounds like such a fun class to teach!