Second Grade Nest: Day in the Life- June Linky

Friday, June 28, 2013

Day in the Life- June Linky

Can't sleep away my summer! 8:30 alarm.
And, as you can see, I snooze a few times.
Of course, I have to start my entire day with a cup of coffee. 

I usually spend about 2 hours working on Teachers Pay Teachers products! 

I got to clean my car!
It has been QUITE a while.  

Reading time! 
My goal is to read 6 books this summer- 2 so far! 

Hobby Lobby shopping.
It is either Hobby Lobby, Target, or Michaels for a teacher in the summer. 

Gotta get my daily gym fix! 

Driving over to see my boyfriend. Stuck in traffic on the bridge heading from KY to OH. 
I do love the view of Cincinnati. 

Fox and Hound restaurant is a favorite for both my boyfriend and me. We ended our dinner with a game of pool. 

And as usual, home to spend several hours on all sorts of social media! 

Your turn!
1. Take pictures of your day.
2. Create a blog post about how you spend your day as a teacher.
3. Use the graphic at the top of this blog post (Day in the Life) at the top or bottom or the post with a link back to Second Grade Nest.
4. Add your link down below by hitting the Inklinkz button!

Can't wait to see how everyone's summer is going.


  1. Thanks for hosting a fun linky! Good luck on your reading goal :)
    Rock Stars At Work

    1. Thanks for linking up Amanda! And since this post, my life got busy and I haven't read!! BUT I'm still determined to relax a little bit and read!

  2. What a fun linky idea! I need to be more disciplined with my time. You've inspired me to devote a certain amount of time to TPT and making things for my class!
    Fun in Room 4B

    1. So glad I've inspired you! Making that schedule really helps me!

  3. This a fun linky! I will have to come back to link up once I take those pictures :) I definitely agree with your 3 choices of places to shop! Looked like fun! I am not so good at "budgeting" my time as well as you are. I get going on Teachers Pay Teachers/classroom stuff and don't move for like 8 hours (seriously). Then I have weeks of not doing anything. Good idea to give yourself a block of time to work on it. I need to try that!

    Have a great day!
    First Grade Smiles

  4. Thanks for the fun linky! I do find summer getting away from me, but this was motivation to be productive. Thank you!!

  5. I'm from OH, now living in KY! Loved the photo of Cincinnati. It's really getting to be such a fun city! I love how they're building up the Banks and adding more events at Washington Park and Fountain Square, etc. :)

  6. I can't even count the number of times I've been to Hobby Lobby this summer, I'm glad I'm not the only one!!


  7. You've totally inspired me to use my time more carefully in the summer. I've wanted to read a lot of books on break, but haven't finished the 2 I already started.

    I love the KY/OH border. I have family who live in Covington & we used to visit often, need to go back soon :)

  8. Love the linky...thank you so much!I have GOT to find a Hobby Lobby near me...I keep hearing such amazing things about it, and the only craft store we have in town is a Ben Franklin (and a sparse one, at that!).


  9. Such a cute linky party!!! I love seeing how other people spend their day!! My days always feel like a bunch of randomness and distractions combined together!! :)