Second Grade Nest: Arts and Crafts (Explore More Day 4)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Arts and Crafts (Explore More Day 4)

Day 4 was the last day of Week 1! 
We spent today doing more cutting and gluing with papers. 

*Scrapbook Tree
1. Students trace their hand and arm on brown paper like a tree trunk. Glue onto white paper.
2. Give students three different pieces of scrapbook paper. I suggest different patterned papers. Students draw about 10 circles on each sheet. 
3. Cut out the circles and glue onto their tree trunk like leaves. 

*Watercolor Letter
We originally planned on doing the kid's names on their papers with paint, but then decided that was crazy, so we just did their first initial. And thank God we did! Peeling that tape off wore us out! 

1. Teacher and helper put tape down on computer paper. We used both making tape and scotch tape. The scotch tape made a smoother line, but was harder to peel off. Both work! 
2. Students water color any design over their letter. 

*3-D Hand 
This was tough for our kids, but I think that is because I was teaching K-2 aged students. But this would DEFINITELY be something amazing for the older kids doing art classes. 

1. Students trace hands in pencil.
2. Use a ruler to draw straight lines behind the hand. When they get to their hand, they draw an arch connecting the lines. 
3. Check out this PIN for more specific directions! 


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  1. These are cute ideas. I had my kids do the activity with lines. They loved it. Such a great way to work on fine motor!


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