Second Grade Nest: Animal Arts- Gifted and Talented Day 3

Monday, June 10, 2013

Animal Arts- Gifted and Talented Day 3

You saw my post on Day 1 and 2. If you didn't- check here
We finished up our last two days of Art class! 
Here are recaps for Days 3. 


*Shape Tiger (found idea on Pinterest!) 
1. Walk students through drawing a tiger out of shapes with a PENCIL first.
2. Students trace their tigers with a black Sharpie marker so the lines won't bleed when they get wet. 
3. Water color the tiger. 

 1. Show students a picture of toucans on the board and discuss the colors they see.
2. Students draw on dark paper with a pencil first the outline of 2 toucans (walk them through this drawing step by step!)
3. Color the two toucans with chalk.
**Suggestion- get black construction paper, I forgot my black in my real classroom and all I had was brown, which made our toucan brown instead of black. :-( **

*Colorful Bird
 1. Bird body shape- students draw a bird's body- I just had them copy my eggplant shaped drawing on the board. Color with marker or colored pencil.
2. Wings-Squirt four or five different colored paint blobs in kids's hands, then they will rub their hands together to make it look 'tie-dye' and push it down on the paper. If they rub their hands together too much, it'll just turn into one color (see my first picture below and you'll see how their wings aren't multicolored because they rubbed too much).
3. Tail- students pick out their tail feathers. Glue down with liquid glue.

*Sponge Fish
 1. Students draw their fish and seaweed in pencil first.
2. Show students how to dab their sponge to make a textured appearance instead of smearing the sponge like a paint brush.
3. Fill up the background with blue for the water.
4. Add details like fish and seaweed with other color paints, but still using the dabbing method with the sponges.

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