Second Grade Nest: Summer Step-Up Folders

Monday, May 20, 2013

Summer Step-Up Folders

I may be crazy, but I'm sending home a folder of work for students to practice some step-up to third grade skills. It, in no way, is required, but I know a ton of students that will massively benefit from continuing to work for just half an hour over the summer! 


My Folders Include:

  • Parent Letter
  • Reading Log (from Faith Wheeler's packet)
  • Practice Sheets
  • Step Up Math
  • Reading Comprehension Practice 
  • Goodie Bag congratulating students on passing! 
  • (I found my bag of fish idea on Pinterest- genius place that is)

Summer Reading Comprehension PackL.Arts & Math - Summer Fun Packet (2nd Grade)

Envision Math has a "Step Up to 3rd Grade" set of booklets for the students to work on. I will be sending those home. Also, Faith Wheeler has created a great 2nd Grade Summer Packet. 
And lastly, I'm sending home a reading comprehension packet (part of my Summer Reading) that will help kids with their comprehension skills which is very necessary in 3rd. 

Prepped and ready to go! Folders, reading packets, math packets, review packets. 

My assembly line on my bedroom floor Saturday morning! 

Don't forget your parent letter explaining the meaningfulness of summer learning. Kids lose so much knowledge over these 2 months and it is important for them to help out! 

I am IN LOVE with my treat bags. I saw these on Pinterest last summer and decided to try to make my own! I think they turned out pretty cute.

I know I'm aiming big, but I really hope that these students can have some motivation to work over the summer and be responsible, however, if they don't, I hope that they AT LEAST explore outside and enjoy their summer. :-) 

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  1. What a dedicated teacher you are Jessica.

    I love the "fish" idea - so cute!

    :) Shelley

    The Perks of Teaching Primary

  2. I've never sent home summer practice bags, but it can only help, right? There are definitely those students that are excited to work on a packet. I think it's a great idea!