Second Grade Nest: How My Week Has Been

Friday, May 3, 2013

How My Week Has Been

This week has been crazy. 
And it is only going to get crazier! 
14 more teaching days! WOO! 

The Kentucky Derby

I teach in the state of Kentucky and the Derby is tomorrow.
We had a writing prompt about the derby (where they had to tell me about their horse, their outfit, and the actual race), then during recess, we raced our made up horses that we wrote about.
This prompt is part of my May/June Writing Journal Prompt pack! 

 30 May and June Writing Journal Prompts

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My first monthly linky

I have had four people link up already and I'm so excited about it! 
If you want to join in the fun, document your busy day as a teacher, create a blog post, and come on back to Second Grade Nest and link at the bottom of the blog post! 

My morning!! All about the coffee! 

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Finished my summer pack finally!!

I have been pushing it off for so long, but I was SO busy! Sorry if you're one of my comprehension buyers! I was a little late. Luckily, I got it up before May! I finally got my Summer Reading Comprehension Pack finished! Time really got away from me!

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Teaching Money (AH!)

We started money this week and it is tough stuff. My kids skip counting skills and double digit addition and subtraction skills are great, which really do help their money foundation. However, next year, I'm definitely bringing a daily calendar back in 2nd grade to start introducing coin faces at the start of the year. We are still mixing up our quarters and nickels!
BUT, they LOVE IT!! They are having so much fun with the money!

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My new obsession

Thanks to Rachelle at What the Teacher Wants and Michelle at Apples and ABCs, I have a new obsession. They started Teacher Talk Tuesday on Instagram, so I decided to create an account for my blog. It was so much fun checking out other people's school days. And I LOVE the way it makes my pictures look.

As always! The lovely blogger over at Doodle Bugs Teaching is in charge of this wonderful linky.
Click the link to check out others weeks at a glance!


  1. 14 more days! Lucky you! I think we have 19 - but who's counting? LOL!

  2. I love your outfit! I cannot wait for the Kentucky Derby!!!

    Literacy Without Worksheets

  3. I am OBSESSED with Insta too! LOL! Going to have to find you now! :) We finished money a few weeks ago. Can be tough just learning the faces and names. I always tell my kiddos to look at the pony tail... Quarter is curly and nickle is straight :) I also used Amy Lemon's Money unit. Best of luck!

    The Applicious Teacher

  4. So glad to have happened upon your blog--as a second grade teacher myself! I have enjoyed my look around your blog and have become a new follower...

    Sarah @ Hoots N Hollers

  5. We just started on Instragram a few weeks ago too. LOVE it! Such a great way to connect with other teachers and find new ideas! My 2nd graders absolutely loved learning about money this year too! Glad I found your blog and am your newest follower!

    Table Talk with C & C