Second Grade Nest: Fun and Easy Tie-Dye

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fun and Easy Tie-Dye

I had so much fun with those kids, that I really thought I wanted to experience that with my kiddos in my regular classroom, too. Starting in February, I started requesting plain white t-shirts. They slowly came in over the last few months. 
I also stocked on a massive amount of Sharpie markers. 
easy to do tie-dye shirts
Materials needs: Sharpies, cups, rubber bands, shirts, rubbing alcohol.

**Make sure that you do this in an open, outdoor area. The rubbing alcohol gets too strong in a small room.**

I wrapped the kids up in garbage bags so their clothes were protected from the Sharpies. Each kid got to cut their own t-shirt out of a garbage bag. I had to staple a lot of them back up because they don't know how little their heads are. :-)
The students sat in groups of 3-5 with an array of markers in front of them. If they needed another color, they were allowed to get up and go get them.

Kids put the cup inside the shirt and wrap a rubber band around the rim. Color a nice DARK design with multiple colors.

easy to do tie-dye shirts

easy to do tie-dye shirts

Adult must pour rubber alcohol onto the circle.
Students swirl and roll around the alcohol on the top of the shirt to make the design spread.
easy to do tie-dye shirts

Dry the shirts for 45 minute on high before sending home to kids. This helps set in the marker and alcohol. Internet said that they should be washer safe, but I am still advising parents to wash by hand for the first couple of wears! 
easy to do tie-dye shirts

easy to do tie-dye shirts

easy to do tie-dye shirts

**Note to teachers... this will give you the "best teacher ever" title for the rest of the year. My kids were so excited and their behavior was absolutely fantastic.** 


  1. I love this idea! I didn't know you could tie-dye with sharpies! How fun!

    Saddle Up For 2nd Grade

  2. Love this.. We did it with school age kids one summer that I worked at a daycare, but I totally forgot about it... I can't imagine doing it with 23 kinders... ah.. benefit of 2nd grade :)