Second Grade Nest: Three Digit Addition and Subtraction

Friday, April 19, 2013

Three Digit Addition and Subtraction

We started our three digit addition and subtraction centers for review on Wednesday and repeated them on Thursday. Today was our test and I think the centers really helped them. A LOT of kids still really struggle with the concept for subtraction from 1,000 with all those zeros, but I remember always struggling with that, too. 

Check out my kiddos in action! 
There are 3 printables in the pack!
1 subtraction, 1 addition, and 1 mixed sheet. 
I stapled it together and made it one of my centers. 

Here the kids had to race each other to subtract or add three digit numbers. 
(And yes, that is one of my second graders counting on her fingers. GRR....)

One of the centers was a spinning a problem center.
The students are asked to spin two numbers, then the function. 

Here, we have a matching game, you pull a problem, solve it, match it to their sum or difference. 

This is really tough to see, but students are solving their math problems, then sorting the math problems into regrouping or not regrouping sheets. 

The students LOVED the little owls on their dice for roll a problem. 
This also helped them wait until the end to set up a subtraction problem, just in case they got a bigger number. This skill is good for future word problems. A lot of students always want to put the first number they see on the top without thinking about how 2450-800 isn't even possible. 

Here the students worked with adding and subtracting over the number 1,000. The subtraction problems were 1,000-#, which is still quite hard for the kiddos! The addition problems are sums over 1,000! 

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