Second Grade Nest: Making Math Fun

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Making Math Fun

Teaching Math Lessons:
I tried out Daily 4 Math and really enjoyed it, but when I took my Winter MAP tests, my math scores weren't where they should've been (Reading scores were fine, Daily 5 Reading works like a CHARM). After that, I decided to change my math lesson structure!
During every single math lesson, we do three different types of teaching: whole group, partners, then individual work.
We start working through problems as a group, they work on their problems along with me on the board, then we split up and work with manipulatives and white boards with our partners. Finally, they take all our lessons learned from that day and apply it to their workbooks by themselves.
I have seen a great change in their math scores and understanding.


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Kids in Action:
Here are a few of my kiddos doing some double digit subtraction games! 
Letting them get down on the floor in center or partner time makes the world of a difference. 

These two games are part of my Double Digit Subtraction Center pack! 

Check out Laura Candler's blog post containing MORE ideas on how to make math fun! 


  1. Thanks for the freebie, Jessica. I've already printed it off and will laminate in the morning. My kids love I Have games.


  2. We use the same structure for our math lessons. I love it! I feel like they get so much more from being allowed the time to discuss things with their peers.

  3. We use MAP at my school too (my first year using MAP), and my Winter MAP math scores weren't where I'd like them to be, either. I sometimes wonder if one of the reasons for that is MAP being a lot more "wide" in terms of the skills it wants us to teach, rather than "deep" like the Common Core. What do you think?

    Ms. BBZ - Integrated Learning in Second Grade