Second Grade Nest: Clocks and Telling Time Ideas

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Clocks and Telling Time Ideas

This is my first year teaching time. Teaching Kindergarten, I was never allowed to really teach time, so being my first year in 2nd grade, this is a first. It is tough getting the :05 minutes to stick! Practice, practice, practice. It is very draining! But the kids are loving it, they are asking what time we are going to do everything so they can see how far away it is. 

Lakeshore Learning has amazing telling time sets! 10 come per pack. My kids really like them! 
And the best part of this resource is that you can tier it to the common core standard for your grade level! Second goes to the nearest five minutes, so I can make it harder for my kiddos! 

I found two pins on Pinterest I did in my classroom and my kids LOVED them! 
This is the original pin I found on Pinterest: you can find it in my math board.
Put a hula hoop up on the board and have students writing the hands. 
Use 2 hula hoops and have board races.
Use 2 different colored markers for the minute and hour hand!  

This is also the original pin from Pinterest, not my own craft, find it here
Use a cut up sentence strip, glue, paper plate, and a brad. 

Finally, check out my new telling time unit that I finished up yesterday! 


  1. Creative ideas! I have to try the hula hoop clock! Thanks again!

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