Second Grade Nest: Technology With the ActivBoard and Activotes

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Technology With the ActivBoard and Activotes

Our class loves our ActivBoard! We find so much benefit and usefulness for it every day! 

Activotes are my assessment BEST FRIEND! I can assess my kids with a click of a button. Sometimes  I'll create an assessment on my flipcharts or PowerPoint. Other times, I will give an impromptu assessment where I'm just writing on the board and they answer. I love them! They make a teacher's life easier and they help children actually care about assessing. 

These are baskets from Really Good Stuff that hold our Activotes for us in a neat and organized way. Each student has a number, so it's easiest to keep them in their table groups instead of passing them out daily. 
The colors of the baskets match their table color (seen below...). 

This would be the red table, so they keep their numbered Activotes in the red basket. 

(Those table signs are for sale at my TPT Store!)

I am linking up through the wonderful Katie King's Techy Teacher Tuesday! 
Check her out! 


  1. I love your 'Activotes'! :) We use something called Renaissance Responders and don't have the software to track which students have not responded...ugh! :( So not fun. :( This looks really awesome though! :) I would get so much more use out of our program if it would work more like yours! :) Love your table signs! :) They are too cute! :) So glad I found you through the linky! :) Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas!! ;)


    Mrs.Russell's Room
    First Grade

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