Second Grade Nest: Saturday Science Fun

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday Science Fun

Today was my last day of my 4 week Gifted and Talented class at N.K.U. It was called Gobs of Goo.

Week 1- Gak
Week 2- Oobleck
Week 3- Play Dough and Invisible Ink
Week 4- Tie Dye

I took pictures of today's fun! We made tie-dye t-shirts and we had too much fun making them. 3 of the kiddos didn't show up and I got to make 3 shirts for my 3 baby sisters. I got to join in on the fun as well! 

Rubbing Alcohol
Rubber Bands

Start with a t-shirt, cup, and rubber band.
Put the cup inside the t-shirt and wrap the spot you want tie-dyed on the top of the cup. 
Then tie the rubber band around it. 
Color the design you want and spray! 

T-shirt, cup, rubber band 

My prepared area! 

Before and after! 
Let dry for a few minutes, take the rubber band off, and start on another spot. 

Here are some students at work. 

And HERE are my three finished products for my sisters!