Second Grade Nest: Organizing Paperwork

Monday, March 4, 2013

Organizing Paperwork

So, my organization strategies are a little backwards, but they work for me. I have SO many different organizational bins and binders in my room, but I don't use them as often as I should. I only clear and organize paperwork once a quarter.

And TODAY was my paperwork day! It's almost the fourth quarter and this poor set of drawers couldn't take any more papers. It was time to organize. 

And here is my CRAZY process. 

First, throughout the quarter, I slowly acquire mass amounts of papers. I always keep one copy of everything I do and stick in in this organizer. I also keep my 5 page lesson plans, my newsletters (one English, one Spanish), assessments, etc. Basically, for 8 weeks, I am lazy and just shove all my papers into these beautiful drawers that I got two years ago. 

Then its time to remove the unorganized papers and sort them into my binders. 
Here is the pile I dealt with today. I had some December papers, all of January, all of February, and most of my March copies so far. This was going to be fun....

Once those are sorted into month, I start putting them into their monthly binders. 
Each binder has 4 sections:

Here is March's binder. 

Here are the four tabs inside my March binder. The top is my reading tab, with my St. Patrick's Day Reading Comprehension Activities. 

Then, it is time to really organize!! 
On my teacher shelf, I have a binder for every month that I teach. The binders need to be 3 inch binder spines because otherwise I simply cannot fit my stuff inside of them.

Now, this is only my FIRST year in 2nd grade and I've already filled each of these months way too full, so I imagine next year, I'll either do some weeding out or have one binder for math and one for ELA for each month. 

These binder covers are found at my TPT store! 


  1. Love binder organization! A binder for each month! Wow! that looks like a lot of paper each month. I have been teaching 1st-2nd grade for 6 years and I did not start to save papers until last year! :( I can't wait to go back to 1st and having it organized. :)

  2. Wow! That is impressive! I keep a master copy of everything and keep it in a file in my filing cabinet which is divided into subjects and then topics. I've thought about the binder system but I have SO much. Is this easier to keep track of everything. I possibly see a HUGE summer project in my future!

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