Second Grade Nest: Double Digit Subtraction Centers

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Double Digit Subtraction Centers

Today, we practiced our double digit subtraction with some centers. We have spent the last two weeks learning about each specific strategy, and then we wrapped it up yesterday and today with my double digit centers! 

Check the kids out in action! 

Here the students had to draw a number card, show that on the place value mat, then show how to knock on the tens house and ask for ten ones. 

Students had to solve the math problem, the sort them into regrouping or not regrouping categories. 

Students had to solve math problems, then fill out a graphic organizer matching a-j where they were required to discuss why they regrouped or didn't regroup. 

This activity is similar to the previous one, it just involves 2 digits and 2 digits instead of 1 digit. 

This game involved students to solve a subtraction problem, then cover the difference with a two-color counter. First team to cover their board won. 

Use a paper clip and a pencil for your spinner, spin first number, then second number. This game requires them to show with cubes, then write the problem with a marker. 

Students had to solve word problems with cubes, then paper and pencil. 

We had a wonderful time reviewing these games today!  

If you're interested, a few of the pictures are linked to the product, or you can click this Teachers Pay Teachers link for a direct product link. 


  1. This is just what we're working on right now! I can't wait to try out these centers :)