Second Grade Nest: A Techy Post

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Techy Post

Today's post, I will explain to you a free resource that some of you may use or have heard of, but don't utilize. I signed up for this website back in September and we had great fun with it, however, we phased it out and got too busy to keep it up on the board all day, every day. 

BUT, my kids have gone absolutely insane the last few weeks. Fourth quarter starts next week and we haven't gone out for recess in months... that is a recipe for disaster. SO, I decided to bring this out today, and let me tell you, it was GOLDEN! 

We used it the entire day today. 

During Math- participation in the whole group part of our 'I do, you do, we do' because usually I have kiddos zoning out. 

During Daily 5- quickest table to check in after each session

During basic transition- quietest and quickest kids in line

If used in the classroom, this website can seriously make a teacher's life WAY easier! 

If you guys haven't seen....
There is a new educational deals website unveiling itself in April. I'm super eager for it to open now. If you sign up with your email address today, you get $15 gift card. 5 second sign up, $15 to spend on stuff you're already spending your paycheck on anyways! 

And since this is a very 'techy' email, I would love if you hopped over to my Facebook and gave it a like. I'm trying to get my FB up and running for my blog page! I would love the help. 
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  1. I like your do jo. I've never seen it before.

  2. Jessica, I'm glad you posted about Class DoJo!!! I stumbled upon it recently but wasn't sure how effective it would be (I think I'm just nervous to make the negative points so public!!). :) I'm SO thankful that you shared your thoughts and am excited to check it out!!

    Little Miss Primary

  3. Absolutely LOVE dojo! My students are obsessed with it too! One parent told me her son checks it several times a night to make sure he still has all his points :)

  4. I signed up for class dojo a little while back and want to use it so badly! I don't have a smart board in my room yet, so I think I'll have to wait! I'm glad to hear it worked so well, I think it's a great idea!

    The Center Based Classroom